Analysis of the hosting before buying

One of the main characteristics of the quality of hosting is the width of the channel access to the server. If you intend to create a large resource that will be designed for a huge number of people, then the low speed of opening pages on the website is a guarantee of disruption of your project. Since, on the Internet, a huge amount of information that will become more accessible than yours.

    For large pages, the size of the hard disk on the server is important. Sites contain a lot of pages, which generally require a lot of space on the hosting . 

Naturally, it is possible for an additional fee to increase disk space, but it will take time and money. For such large resources, it is better to choose a dedicated server, or collocation. But collocation in maintenance and administration is even more expensive than a dedicated server.

     Another indicator of high-quality hosting is uptime (uninterrupted work) . This property plays a huge role in promoting an Internet site. Since the search bots that index the pages of your website in the search engines, they simply will not be able to get into it due to the fact that hosting will be unavailable. This means that the more uptime there is, the more pages will be indexed by search robots, which will have a positive effect on the promotion of the web site, although the number of its guests will be higher.

    The technical characteristics of hosting can be divided into the following types:

  1. Shared hosting . Most likely, this kind of service will suit you, if you keep a huge site with a large attendance, and it does not ask for exacting control of internal security. In this case, your website will be placed together with other web projects on another server (their number can vary from 100 to 10 thousand), and all the available server capacity will be distributed among all equally.
  2. Dedicated server . As you understood from the name, here you will be provided with a physical server on which only your site will be located. This hosting service is not cheap, but if the website requires a huge amount of server energy, large space and excellent security, then this option will be the best for you.
  3. Collocation. It implies the installation of your personal server on the hoster’s territory and the provision of all the conditions for its operation.

    Choice of hosting, follow closely, review the work experience of the hoster and reviews about it. If the hoster provides a “trial” hosting, be sure to use it. In any case, be as careful as possible, as the replacement of the hosting provider is associated with almost all technical problems.