A few words about paid hosts

One of the main advantages is the ability to have your own unique name and the ability to register a site. The project, which has its own unique name, which tomorrow will not disappear due to the fact that the author forgot about it, gives you the opportunity to trust and respect this service more, both to customers and partners than moja_firma.narod.ru. There is a special form on the registrar websites where you can check the domainIs he busy with competitors? Tip: choose a domain name for your site memorable, simple and intuitive.

 The correct, good name would be for example: milk.ru or bear.ua or video.net, that is, known to all.

 The most popular google search engine takes into account and raises higher in the search query: the level of the domain name (firma.ru is better than firma.narod.ru), the keywords in the domain name (video.ua is better than smotri.ua) and the date of registration of the domain. That is, compare the name that 10 years in the network and the name created yesterday is like a company: who will you trust more: a company that just started working or one that has been on the market for many years?

In order to place a website on a paid hosting, sometimes it will not be enough just to fill in the form in the browser. Often it is necessary for you to be present in person, in order to conclude a contract, and also, since the hoster chosen by you is paid – you must first make a payment for services. In addition, the Internet company, which has its solid office, and not just some place in the network and unknown people who communicate with you by e-mail, inspires confidence. Well, a personal acquaintance and “look at the man” still has not been canceled. Therefore, do not be in a hurry, for a start, before choosing a hoster, review all kinds of projects on the Internet, see what and at what price the paid hosters offer.

How to upload your files to your site?

After registration and payment, you received a domain name , then there is a need to upload files from your own PC to the website of the company that provides hosting services. Almost all of them make it possible to download from their web interface. To do this, you need to go through authorization and make an entrance to the center to manage your hosting, and then you have to deal with, very easy and intuitive, user interface. If you have questions, you can contact the help section, consisting of the most frequently asked questions. But if the answer to your question is not found in this list, you can safely pester the support service with calls and letters. These steps are designed to ensure that you avoid many mistakes or unnecessary actions.

Uploading files to your own site can be done using a browser, having passed authorization on the site. Also, for these purposes can be used special. the program and if you always download files from one place and do it often, then this method is much more convenient. To do all this, you need to know if your chosen host offers you access to your folder using the FTP protocol . There are many special programs, such as CuteFTP.

Working with CuteFTP is simple, intuitively understandable and does not contain any special wisdom.

And if something does not work, check the username and password, and re-enter the help section of the hosting company. In the case of a smooth hosting customer service is simply obliged to answer your questions. And this is one of the advantages of paid hosting. In the free case, the support service either does not work or is heavily overloaded, and often responds with standard, few explanatory letters to users’ questions.