Free hosting is an act of charity?

Do you need to explain what a free hosting service is ? Unfortunately, it is necessary, in 98% of cases, what is provided to us in the role of a free hosting, as it turns out to be absolutely not free. Most often, such hosting is provided in exchange for a marketing platform on your buyer’s website, as a result of which advertising messages from this provider automatically appear on some (or even all) pages of the website.

Usually such advertising can be in the form of a banner, but also install pop-up windows. This type of hosting is considered “free” , because you are not charged any money – this is like a barter replacement. They convince and try to convince you that they are making concessions towards you by providing free space. They are well aware that if you take their services for free, you will not appeal to failures in server devices and the irresponsibility of the technical assistance service.

However, even if the services were provided free of charge, hosting should be more stable. 

In fact, everything is different. If you bring free meals to poor people, food should not be bad. It reread common sense! Only one, the only thing that such services do not constantly indicate, is that they do not conduct charity. These are ordinary companies that are present in the constant and constant search for methods of obtaining large profits.

No company can provide you with unlimited disk space , as well as unlimited traffic, if you use paid hosting services. With a free view of the hosting situation is even worse. This can be very easily explained: the servers will be very busy. And even if you have an idea to find a service on which there are no restrictions, without fail, we recommend you not to be seduced. The limitless size of stored and transmitted data is an illusion. It is similar to an oasis, in a moment, appearing in the desert. Gold mountains will promise you, but you will not see gold.

Using the value “free” in the provided text is nothing more than another attempt to trap a person. One could come up with a name, for example, “exchange”, “barter” or “advertising hosting”. However, the well-known “ free hosting ” will remain “free”. You do not want to spend money on hosting services, then the exchange transaction with a reliable and decent provider is the best way out of this situation. However, never hope that you will receive a lot of things for free.