Hosting services

Let’s find out what exactly is included in the provision of hosting services , and find out which of these services you will need in the future, as well as how much it will cost and what difficulties you may have. 

    At the moment there are many types of hosting, and a large number of companies – “hosts” or hosting providers – providing such services. To select the best quality of them you need to accurately explore all the features of this service. 

    The most common type of hosting– this is a hoster’s provision of a site for your website on its own server. What happens by allocating space on the hard drive of one of these servers and which is from 500 megabytes to 10 gigabytes. This is the simplest option when your site does not require dynamic page generation and a different database of scripts (programs that run on your hosting server). 

 The so-called HTML hosting It is also optimal when creating a static home page where your personal information will be posted, your photos of pets and yourself.

To create such a page is quite easy: you need to master an editor, for example FRONTPAGE or DREAMWEAVER. A little imagination, effort and your own site is ready! Next, you need to upload it to the website of your provider, which provides hosting , and pass the address to all your friends and acquaintances. With this site you can get your own “place of residence” on the Internet. 

    The type of hosting depends on the options by which you will upload pages to the server host.It is much more convenient when you can upload your own pages using the FTP file transfer protocol. By using an FTP client, Total Commander FAR, or FILEZILLA, you can easily and simply view, delete files on a website, and copy, transfer them from your own computer to a remote provider server.

 But at the same time, the category of ftp-client looks like a directory of a common utility with the help of which the files and folders are managed on your computer.

    It happens that the hoster does not allow FTP login, but offers a certain web form, with the help of which it is possible to add various data to the site. What is not very convenient. Sometimes, in order to upload files, you first need to pin them into the archive, which will later be unpacked with special software on the website. In order not to waste time on such a business, it is better to immediately select a hosting provider that allows uploading via FTP.