We are looking for a hosting provider

During the search hosting provider it is important to pay attention to a large number of factors. Before choosing a hosting provider, you must be aware of the following characteristics of your project:

1. Information about server OS

Most projects are platform-specific. Therefore, before you decide on the hosting provider, it is better to find out which operating systems are installed on the servers of this hosting provider.

Let’s say your site is processing an online store script. Find out which operating systems allow it to work. Probably not under a single operating system. Therefore, I recommend that you obtain information on the limitations that may be encountered when using different operating systems. Basically, there are no such restrictions.

At the moment, the most popular and widely used operating systems are: Windows , Linux and FreeBSD. When a hosting provider uses any other operating system for its servers, then it is better to bypass such a provider. But such hosting providers are rare.

2. Required disk space

This information is necessary when choosing a tariff plan. Always take with a margin. If you have a large portal or forum, then the stock should be very large.

3. Script support

Enough weighty side of the issue. Suppose you have a site developed in PHP, with version 5, then this information should be clarified before purchasing hosting. There are cases when the webmaster buys hosting, and PHP version 4.3 is installed on the hosting provider . It will be very good if the hosting provider installs a different version for your needs.

When using forums on the site, it is always necessary to know the programming language in which it is written, that the hosting service company has installed permission to handle the scripts of this programming language. The most common programming languages: PHP, Perl, Python, Cgi.

4. The amount of acceptable traffic consumed

Naturally, it is rather difficult to figure out the amount of possible traffic consumed by your project, nevertheless, it will need to be done. Think about how your site traffic will be. What content format will your site have? In the case when the site only textual information of the traffic will not be consumed a lot, but if the pages store archives and show video, then you need to prepare for a strong traffic consumption.