Which hosting to choose?

If you ask such questions:

  • How to choose a hosting?
  • Which hosting is better?
  • How to choose a home for the site?
  • Will the site disappear?

So you pick up a hosting for your needs and not accidentally hit this page.

Experts choose hosting on the following criteria:

  1. The amount of disk space on the hosting. The size of the hard disk capacity of the server. Hosting with spare disk space will be the best choice.
  2. The needs of your CMS should coincide with the technologies supported by the server: PHP, MySQL, Perl.
  3. The size of the traffic that is included in the rates of the hosting provider . Estimating the required traffic is very easy. You need the number of impressions per month, which are expected to be multiplied by the average page size. In case of excess traffic, most hosters will want to pay you extra money or turn off the site. 
  4. The number of e-mail and ftp accounts available to create.
  5. Panel, with which you can manage hosting.
  6. The mechanism for uploading files to the server. Using the web interface (worse) and / or using the ftp protocol.
  7. Backup – site backup.
  8. Scripts installed from the start of the system: scripts for mailings and scripts for working with statistics.
  9. How many domains and subdomains can you host?
  10. The number of databases. For several sites there is a need for such a number of databases .
  11. The time when the server is operational or uptime. Preferably 99%.
  12. Regarding the operating system, the best option for hosting would be GNU / Linux or Free BSD.
  13. The speed at which the server works and the speed of the channel on which the speed of loading pages depends.
  14. The location of the server is physically.
  15. High-quality technical support.

There are many hosting providers, but not all meet all the above points.

HostCiti meets these criteria, more than that:

  • We are cheaper and more reliable 2 times + domain as a gift;
  • We will transfer your website for free from another hosting + 5 days for free;
  • We have reliable partners: Ukrtelecom, Will Brokband … The site will never disappear and will not hang. No matter how many people on the site: one person or a million;
  • Unlimited traffic, number of domains, subdomains, databases, ftp, mail …;
  • Huge data transfer rate from the server 1 Gbit / s;
  • Daily backup – the ability to restore the site;
  • Convenient payment – in any convenient way;
  • If you do not have money – we can provide free hosting;
  • Convenient control panel site;
  • At your request we sign a written service agreement.