What are the hosting providers

Often you can see such an advertising message as: “quality hosting for free” and “cheap hosting at a certain cost”. But most people are not quite aware of what a mysterious word means.

Hosting is a place allocated for you on some server (a computer that always has access to the network through a channel) under the guise of a regular directory containing all the data about your site – clips, scripts, in html-code, graphics and much another. There is a shareware and just free hosting.

Regarding paid hosting , everything is quite simple here – you pay a certain amount for using a certain space on the server. And if you consider free, it exists due to advertising messages that are posted on all pages of your web site.

Such advertisements are links, advertising frames, pop-ups or banners. There are also free hosting, which do not put advertising messages on your site.

Let’s discuss the parameters into which hosting providers are divided If with advertising everything is clear – on free hosting, it may be or occasionally not, then on paid it, of course, not, therefore it is better to choose hosting without advertising, but finding it is quite difficult. Sometimes a very important criterion is the amount of disk space that is allocated for you – naturally, on free hosting it usually does not exceed 500 megabytes, besides, they are often not allowed to download files of mp3 format, various software, video Servers may have a restriction, for example, a file larger than 2.5 megabytes and will not be able to upload more, or the robot will automatically delete it after a certain time.

On paid hosting you can get more benefits. Companies engaged in foreign hosting can give in use 10,000 MB for a total of 35 cu For half a year. Domestic hosters are much more greedy, while the lion’s share of them are only subhosters, that is, they sell services of foreign companies, but anyone can resell, even you. Therefore, our advice to you is to purchase hosting from a reliable provider , without any intermediaries. And if you are faced with a choice between our and foreign hosting, then it is necessary first of all to think about two questions, which segment of users your website will be directed to – people from different countries or, in particular, Ukraine and the CIS, and how important Ukrainian support for you.